August is always a bittersweet month, isn’t it?  On one hand all we want to do is soak up the last bit of summer’s relaxed, carefree days.  On the other hand, and no matter how old we may be, we begin to hear autumn’s drumbeat calling us to a different rhythm: more structured days, yes, but also a comforting routine. With just a hint of the coolness still to come and the  smell of fresh school supplies in the air, here’s how we can all use this month to get our homes “back-to-school” ready:

Mudroom Flip – Whether it is a whole room, a closet or a set of hooks in your entryway, having a space ready for all that school “stuff” is key.  Time to change out your pool bags, towels and flip flops to make way for backpacks, lunch boxes, raincoats and fall sports gear.  A simple filing system in this area for organizing papers coming in and those needing to go back out can make a big difference in keeping clutter at bay too.

A Place of Their Own  - From being able to grab their own breakfast in the morning and snack in the afternoon, making spaces kid-accessible will help everyone feel not so rushed plus give kids an extra boost of self-confidence and control.

Closets & Clothing – August is a great time to clear out clutter from closets to make room for the seasonal wardrobe change on its way.  Hand-me-downs can be passed onto younger siblings or given away and lists can be made for anything new that is needed. Everyone always enjoys getting a few fresh pieces for the new school year. It’s fun to turn this chore into a special outing and grab lunch or a treat on your way home as an annual tradition.

Homework Command Center – Whether you’ve got kids coming home with worksheets galore or you just need a clean space to work on your own special projects, having an organized, dedicated space to lay out your work is key.  Just-sharpened colored pencils, markers, pens and scissors are inspiring and look great corralled in classic but inexpensive mason jars.

Required Reading - Don’t forget a comforting spot to curl up with a good book.  “Required reading time” is infinitely more enjoyable in a comfy spot with good lighting and a soft blanket.

Sarah & J.P. Anderson, Realtors

The Anderson Group