As this article goes to print, we are deep into a long stretch of grey days here in Glen Ellyn. Winter’s hibernation continues and tempers everywhere seem to becoming a little bit shorter. Even the most well-adjusted among us can begin to fall prey to those pesky winter blues, blahs and anxieties.  However, instead of feeling trapped inside our “fortresses of solitude”, what if we could view our home as a partner to help us push through until Spring emerges?

Take Full Advantage of Sunny Days

•If possible, temporarily move your favorite reading chair or even your whole office to the sunniest spot in the house.  Just this little bit of extra exposure to the sun can make a big difference in your daily mood.
•Follow a tried and true home-showing tip – open all the blinds to flood the house with natural light and keep the lights turned up wherever you’re hanging out.

Early Spring Cleaning

•Sometimes what you need to feel better is to get order in your living space. Clear clutter, put away any lingering holiday decorations, organize a closet, drawer (or two!) and give your home a thorough cleaning to help it gleam, all while putting your mind at ease.
•Treat your home to a window washing service to tackle lackluster windows inside and out.  Sparkling clean windows let in more light too!

Bring in the Plants

•In addition to the visual treat they provide, plants also help refresh stale indoor air.
•Some great ideas for indoor plants are: a large, potted palm, Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree or Bird’s Nest Fern.  Cost-effective choices include various orchids, Golden Pothos, Peace Lily and  Boston Fern.
•Check your yard for budding branches that you can “force” to bloom inside in a vase near a window
•Plant a miniature kitchen herb garden or Amaryllis and Paperwhite bulbs indoors now for showy color and delicious scents in just a few weeks.

Plan a Celebration at Home

•In our house, we love to make Valentine’s a big family celebration, including a candle-lit dinner with a decadent menu.  Each person makes homemade Valentine’s cards for everyone else.
•Other fun ideas include: an indoor cookout or luau complete with festive attire and island-inspired music, an intimate gathering for English Afternoon Tea with finger sandwiches, scones and clotted cream or a neighborhood potluck soup night.  If you get inspired to rearrange furniture or try a new paint color to get ready for your event, all the better for your home too!

Sarah & J.P. Anderson, Realtors

The Anderson Group