The seasonal ritual of spring cleaning is rooted in an age-old tradition practiced by people all over the world. Even many animals, acting on instinct alone, take time each spring to refresh their abodes to provide a fresh start for the year ahead. Taking a cue from Mother Nature, we too can embrace the mindful rejuvenation of our beloved homes and reap some unexpected benefits along the way.

An Open Sky for the Heart and Mind

We breathe easier living, playing and working when there’s a certain level of order in our homes.  Our minds are free to focus on the tasks and joys at hand, instead of being distracted by clutter, dirty windows and deferred maintenance.  Sometimes seemingly insignificant matters like that weigh on us whether we are consciously aware of them or not. So instead of considering spring cleaning drudgery, what if we considered it a purposeful and deliberate homage to our families and ourselves?

“Pruning” the Unnecessary

The first step is to dig into all storage areas and really pare down to the necessities or anything that brings us joy.  The thrill of restoring order to a chaotic cupboard, closet or drawer that may have been annoying us all winter (or even longer) is one of life’s simple pleasures.

Spring Cleaning Forget-Me-Nots

•Rotate mattresses and launder duvets & pillows
•Clean under the bed and other bedroom furniture
•Wash crown molding & baseboards (see recipe below)
•Caulk areas around tubs and showers
•Clean and disinfect shower curtains & liners
•Clean dishwasher and small appliances (toaster, Keurig)
•Clean / beat area rugs and wash floors underneath


Natural All-Purpose Cleaner Recipe

The truth is you don’t need harsh, chemical-based, commercial cleaners for a sparkling clean and disinfected home.  Here’s my favorite go-to cleanser:

•2 cups distilled water
•1 cup white vinegar
•½ cup Castille soap
•½ cup baking soda
•¼ cup Borax
•30-40 drops essential oils (peppermint, lavender, etc.)

Mix together in a bowl and then pour through a funnel into a spray bottle.  This mixture can be used right from the bottle as a  spray cleaner or combined with a bucket of hot water to clean larger surfaces like walls, trim and wood floors.

Sarah & J.P. Anderson, Realtors

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